Sep 20, 2023

Boost Your SMS Marketing for Black Friday

As the summer is coming to an end and we’re entering the season of pumpkin spiced lattes and distant Christmas bells ringing, it is time for retailers and shoppers alike to look ahead to Black Friday. This mega shopping day brings a flood of customers to shops both online and offline – but in the race to stand out, what’s that secret ingredient that can give businesses that all-important edge? Enter SMS marketing. Sure, in an age of flashy apps and social media campaigns, the humble SMS might seem like an old-school choice, but some classics never go out of style. Here are six reasons why SMS marketing is a game-changer for your Black Friday strategy:

1. Instant reach

Unlike emails that might land in spam or get lost amid other promotions, SMS messages pop up instantly. It’s direct, it’s personal and it boasts a staggering open rate of 98%.  🚀 Tip: Think about the timing of your SMS campaign: If you’re too early, the customers might forget – and if you’re too late, they might’ve already made their purchases elsewhere.

2. Top-tier engagement

SMS marketing isn’t just about pushing out messages, it’s about engagement with the customer. With click-through rates as high as 19%, it’s a medium your customers want to interact with.   🚀 Tip: Include a clear call-to-action in your message. Something as simple as “Click here for 50% off!” can help drive traffic and sales.

3. Personalization power

SMS marketing is a great way to send tailored messages to specific customer segments. Using the information you know about your customers, you can send SMS messages based on purchase history, location or other criteria. It can be as simple as this: “Hey [Name], remember that product you liked? It’s 60% off this Black Friday!”   🚀 Tip: Use personalization, but don’t overdo it. The trick is to appear considerate but not overstepping boundaries.

4. Cost-effective campaigns

Compared to other marketing channels, SMS campaigns can be far more cost-effective. With straightforward pricing models and full overview of the character count of your message, SMS marketing allows businesses, big and small, to join the Black Friday rush and make the most of it.   🚀 Tip: Find the balance between message length and cost by considering how you can best optimize your message. Emojis can up engagement, but they do change the encoding to a lower character count per message.

5. Mobile shopping is booming

Over half of Black Friday shopping is now done on mobile devices. An SMS with a direct link to your sale can lead a customer straight from your message to checkout in a matter of minutes.   🚀 Tip: Double-check that your landing page and its mobile-version are ready for the Black Friday rush – a smooth, seamless online shopping experience can really increase conversion rates!

6. Build long-term relationships

SMS marketing isn’t just for a one-time sale. By providing value, such as exclusive Black Friday previews or post-sale follow-ups, you can build long-term relationships and brand loyalty.   🚀 Tip: Always provide an opt-out option in your SMS campaigns. Respect for customers’ preferences strengthens trust.

In conclusion

As you gear up for Black Friday, make sure to incorporate SMS marketing into your marketing strategy: It’s direct, personal and incredibly efficient. In the vast sea of Black Friday promotions, it’s not just about reaching your customer, but reaching them effectively. And sometimes, all it takes is a simple text. Happy campaign-planning! 🛍️📱🎉