Jun 8, 2023

Welcome to RelationCity

In this blogpost, we will take a look at the past, the present and the future seen through RelationCity.

Imagine this blog being filled with posts on how you can optimize your marketing, tailor solutions to your business and watch the number of happy customers go up and up. Sounds pretty good, right? Luckily, that’s our ambition with this blog – welcome to RelationCity! We are already looking forward to sharing news and knowledge from experts in every corner of RelationCity, and as we like to keep it informal but professional here, that means that you will get advanced knowledge but shared as straightforward as possible. However, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Before we can share more about the exciting future ahead, let’s have a look at the past and the present.

The past - offering SMS marketing to all

Although we may present ourselves as new players on the market, there’s no denying that RelationCity already has deep roots in the industry: Our parent company ONLINECITY.IO has worked with telecom technologies since 1999. It started as a passion project, leading to a number of different, related projects of which our sister platform GatewayAPI has been the biggest and most dominating one. And for good reason. GatewayAPI is a rock-solid SMS gateway, made for programmers and other tech wizards to set up A2P SMS messaging. Today, it handles SMS messages from more than 40,000 customers while still maintaining an uptime of over 99.99%. GatewayAPI is handling countless use cases from NGOs, public sectors, private companies and more. The thing is though, it shouldn’t only be coding-capable people who can set up and send A2P messages, should it? That’s where RelationCity came into the picture. With the extensive industry knowledge built over a decade and a half, the development of RelationCity began in 2015. Since then, it has continuously been expanded, with functions being constantly added and tested before being opened up to our customers as part of their GatewayAPI experience.

The present - blossoming product

This leads us to today. RelationCity is already being used by a number of major companies and organizations, as well as smaller businesses, to create and send out SMS marketing campaigns for all sorts of purposes (and by “all sorts”, we truly mean all sorts – we’ll be sharing use cases on this blog regularly for the curious or those in need of inspiration). We’ve already put together a number of standard and advanced functions which makes an ideal toolbox for customizing campaigns:  
  • We have tools to help organize your contacts and divide them into handy groups based on different criteria.
  • Our campaign tools allow you to have full customization, from the content you write and calls-to-action you include to saving campaign templates in order to make the next send-out even easier.
  • With our advanced delivery settings, you can control the message class, scheduling and allowed hours to optimize exactly when your campaign is delivered to your customer’s device.
  Best of all, we’ve made sure that the dashboard gives a full and transparent overview of all details on the campaign: number of recipients, send speed, delivery ETA, encoding, you name it. We’re also prioritizing never to compromise on security, which is why we store RelationCity safely in Tier 4 data centers within Europe, and all data is protected by tough SSL and leading security measures. We even make an active effort to prevent spam and misuse of accounts connected to our service – amongst other efforts, we approve links, disallow certain Sender IDs and continuously monitor traffic to look out for unusual patterns. To be honest, we’re pretty proud of what we’ve achieved already. But that doesn’t mean that our ambition stops there. We’re still reaching higher, and we’ve got great plans for the future.

The future - full speed ahead

We continuously add features and improve on the existing ones to optimize RelationCity. It’s super important to us that we deliver a product we can be proud of and excited about, as well as providing our customers with versatile tools to suit their individual business cases. For the greater future, we are steadily making our way to becoming a complete and advanced omnichannel marketing platform. That means becoming a marketing platform where everything is collected in a single place, allowing you to communicate from a single platform to and with your customers, wherever they may be. One thing is for sure: We are excited about the path we are on, and we cannot wait to share future news, feature updates and articles with you right here. So stay tuned!